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David Chalmers: Fragments of consciousness

The New York Review of Books

Poetry 180


Pauline Eaton's Credo as an Artist

Pauline’s Credo from “CRAWLING TO THE LIGHT”

Only one who has a personal religion, a unique view of the universe,
can be a true artist.
-- Friedrich Schlegel

The purpose of life is spiritual growth.

     We are evolving souls. 
     We participate in the on-goingness of creation. 
     We participate for the purpose of extending opportunities  
         for growth in each other.
     We MUST participate, because this is when we are most in
         God's image--that of creator--that this I why we, in turn,
         were created.
     Life is being born again and again.
     We are meant to evolve into pure love, that love is the
        attractiveness and inter-relationship of all. 
     We are the indwelling of God in matter.
     We are made up of energy participles and soul stuff in the
        same patterns built in all that exists from the atom's core
        to solar/stellar systems and beyond. 
     Joy is experienced in the creative act of birthing being,
        meaning and order out of non-being, meaningless, and

In this sense, we are all artists or called to be such.
As an artist, I believe my role is to continue making connections
and 'real'-izing my place in the FΑΒRIC OF ALL THAT IS. 
I attempt to paint this.